October 8, 2014

For Grid's Fourth Issue

A couple of photos I took for Grid's fourth issue! I had such a fun time styling and shooting this one.

September 25, 2014

Exploring Singapore

I still can't believe that a few days ago, I was actually in Singapore.

New friends: Mark, Pei and Leonard

I don't think I had enough time to explore. I have my fingers crossed for a part 2 soon!

September 11, 2014


The weather hasn't been friendly lately so I haven't been able to go around and play with my camera. Although I get to take some photos everyday (some of which are candid photos of my workmates). I'm quite excited for next week since I'll be flying to Singapore to teach about mobile photography. I'm excited to meet new people! I hope the weather will be more friendly there so I can bring my camera around and talk a lot (and I mean a lot) of photos.