August 22, 2014

Growing Older

I turned 22 a few days ago and I couldn't be any happier celebrating it by shooting food! It was really fun and tiring. I'm glad that I got to work with such amazing people. I don't think I'd celebrate my birthday doing something else.

I also got a surprise from some of my closest friends (no photos because I was too surprised!). So thankful and blessed to have these people around me on my special day.

August 18, 2014

Trying Out My New Camera

I've always wanted a camera that I can bring with me everyday. As much as I want to bring my Canon, it's to heavy to bring everywhere. So I was really excited when I got my hands on the Fujifilm X10. At least I have a camera with me all the time and I get to share more photos on my blog! Hooray!

August 16, 2014

Portrait – a documentary on photography from Andy Newman on Vimeo.

"But yeah, I think you should want to do well and you should want to succeed. I don't wanna be just mediocre, hell no! I wanna do, whatever I do, I want to do it the best." - Andria Lindquist

I've shared this video a million times already but I'm still so glad that I came across this video a year ago.

August 10, 2014

Exploring South

I have always wondered what south was like. I was pretty lucky to have Cat show me around.
Of course, a trip to the south isn't complete without visiting the famous The Girl + The Bull! I've always wanted to visit and eat here but distance has been keeping me from going here. I feel lucky to call Gab and Thea (the people behind this amazing restaurant) my friends! 
Caught Cat taking her Instagram photo! And look, some of my work are on the restaurant's wall! How cool is that!
Another check on my "When I visit South" to-do list. The ever famous Faux Twix from The Girl + The Bull. It definitely deserves all the hype it has been getting!
After that yummy meal, we visited Artists Gallery. It was just a few blocks away from the restaurant.

We headed to Magnum Opus after the art gallery. We took some of the Faux Twix with us so we can have them with our lattes. Someone saw us and said "Those are from here. Those are Faux Twix from The Girl + The Bull!" I guess everyone's crazy for those treats!
To cap off my little adventure around south, Cat introduced me to the owners of Bungalow 300! Such a beautiful space. So many things to love about this store. Don't you just love those jars?

I'm glad I was able to get a peek into what's it like there. It was definitely worth the long (and expensive) cab ride. 

August 7, 2014

A Few Months Ago

I don't think I have shared photos of my trip with Branden Harvey to Tagaytay.

A friend of mine on Instagram visited Manila a few months ago and I decided to show him Taal Volcano and let him taste Bulalo! On the way to Tagaytay, we decided to stop over Nuvali. We brought him to the fish pond. You can buy fish food nearby and you can feed the fish. It was my first time to visit this fish pond too so I was (very) entertained. After that, we decided to have dinner overlooking Taal volcano. It was a great day. I wished we  had more time to explore and have fun though.

August 2, 2014


Great! You've found my "new" blog! I've been meaning to transfer to blogger for a while now and I'm still trying to get the hang of it. I am really bad at keeping my blog alive. I've told myself quite a few times that I will regularly update and I usually end up just posting photos of what I've been doing.

 This is probably my nth attempt to "create" a new blog and I really hope that this will be the last time I'll be typing a post like this. Here's to hoping that I never abandon this blog.