December 18, 2014

Weekend Workshop

One of the most fun weekends I've ever had this month. Meeting new people, sharing what I know, and being able to put faces to the creative individuals that have come across my feed are only some of the highlights every time I have workshops. I'm glad that I was able to collaborate with the amazing Cat Juan Ledesma and the lovely duo of Bungalow 300. It's always fun to organize events like these. 

photo by Carlo Ledesma

All photos are edited by me

December 9, 2014

Town & Country December-January

One of my favorite shoots for 2014! It's always nice to work with people you're close to. It was natural that working with the creators of Craftsmith Living would be a breeze!

These are my favorite photos from the editorial
Styled by  Mia de Lara and Kitty Bunag of Craftsmith Living

December 1, 2014

Exploring Hong Kong

We planned this trip months ago but I was never really excited to go. I was very doubtful when my friends told me I'd love it there.

They were right. I loved every bit of this place. 4 days were not enough to see everything. Most of the days we were there was spent walking around the busy streets of Hong Kong. I really hope that the next time I fly to Hong Kong, I get to explore more. I am hopeful to be back early next year.

I didn't really get to take a lot of photos (I probably did it intentionally so I have an excuse to come back) but here are some of the photos I took.