July 5, 2015

Exploring Mount Pinatubo

So far my favorite trip in 2015!

I've always wanted to visit Mt. Pinatubo ever since I saw photos online. I just had to see it for myself. Luckily, my friend brought it up in a chat group I was in and it turns out everyone wanted to go too! A couple of weeks after we talked about the trip, we found ourselves in a van on our way to Mt. Pinatubo. 

Our ride to the starting point of our 14km hike to the crater

Kara, Elena, Nikki, Melissa (not seen in photo)

An expanse of lahar caused by the 1991 volcanic eruption
(If you're curious what happened here's a link to the history of what happened: The Cataclysmic 1991 Eruption of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines)

The ride may look fun in photos but staying on the jeep was very, very hard. Especially when you're like me who spent the whole ride standing up and taking photos.

Everyone was full of energy and excited to start the hike!

Some locals we passed by on the way to the crater.

Such an amazing feeling to finally see this place in person.

The weather was looking pretty gloomy but really thankful that it didn't rain on our way up or down the crater.

To see more photos you can check our group hashtag #PINA7UBO on Instagram.

June 19, 2015

Quick trip to Pico de Loro

I wasn't really able to take photos during the trip but here are some photos I took!

Big thanks to Fujifilm for the invite and letting us try the new Fujifilm X-T10!

June 14, 2015

Things To Pack

Most of the time, I end up doing this instead of packing

Muso Trees Magazine (left) / Coin Purse by Twine + Sunshine (for your future meryendas*)

*Merienda is a light meal in Southern Europe, particularly Spain, Italy (merenda), Slovenia and Croatia (marenda), as well as Hispanic America and the Philippines. Usually taken in the afternoon or for brunch, it fills in the meal gap between lunch at noon and dinner, or between breakfast and lunch. (Lifted from Wikipedia